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MagLoft Classic Product
MagLoft Classic Product

Everything you need to know regarding our MagLoft Classic product!

Getting Started
How do I get from Zero to Hero using MagLoft?
Asset Dimension Guidelines for Mobile App

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How to Access Analytics for In-App Pages
How to Look Up The Analytics for Individual Banner Ads
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Creating Custom Subscription
Let's Convert Your Articles to Issue
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Social Share Feature - How to Share Your Issue on Social Media
Access Roles Documentation
How to Connect Your WordPress Site to MagLoft
Copy Your Content 3 Different Ways
Discover Web URL Feature
Download your issue for offline reading
Issue Unlock Options in MagLoft
How to Import a CSV File for Custom Subscriptions
Unlock All Your Back Issues to Your Readers on Subscription
Unlock Issue with Coupon Code
Manually unlock your issue(s) for your reader(s)!
MagLoft Supports Multiple Languages in iOS and Android Apps
Let Your Readers Share Your Content on Social Media
Using Custom Email Templates to Maximize Your Branding
What is In-App Pages feature?
Customize available platforms for your issues
How to Display Issues on Smartphones, Tablets, or Both
What Does It Mean That My Plan Gets X Readers?
Set up Facebook Integration
An Affiliate Marketing Feature for My Magazine App
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How to Check App Analytics on Firebase