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Discover Web URL Feature

What is the web URL? What is it used for? How to set it up?

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In a concise sentence, Web URL feature is a way to make an issue accessible anywhere. At this moment, it is only eligible for PDF, Folio, and Article issues. So, if your issue is one of them then you are able to try out this feature. 

You must be wondering what it's used for. Are there any benefits for you using this feature? Of course, you will get many advantages in using this Web URL feature. 

The first benefit is you will be able to use this feature to share your unpublished issue to your team in order to get feedbacks from them. Another benefit is to enable you to embed a single issue on your website, non-MagLoft app, or social media. 

Without a further ado, please see these following steps to guide you in setting up this Web URL feature. 

1. Log in to MagLoft portal.

2. Go to your PDF, Folio, or Article issue. 

3. Scroll down until you find Share via Web section.

4. To generate your issue's web url, simply click the Create Web URL button. 

5. It will trigger a new popup window. All you have to do is clicking on the Confirm button. 


Make sure that your issue's cover image, title, and description are the right and proper ones as they will be shown as the card/thumbnails/social media tags.

6. After it's done, you can click the Open Web URL button to open it on the new page or copy the URL to share with your colleagues or embed it on your website. 

NOTE : It's important to know that WEB URL's can't be accessed when you are offline and it usually takes a short while to load depending on your internet connection. 

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