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MagLoft Supports Multiple Languages in iOS and Android Apps
MagLoft Supports Multiple Languages in iOS and Android Apps

Can my app shelf have languages other than English?

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Our clients often reach back to us and ask this kind of question. They were wondering how many languages that our apps support both for iOS and Android. Before we tell you the answer, allow us to let you know what language that we are referring to. 

The language we are talking about is the one you could see on the app shelf. Let see the screenshots below :

Can you see the red box on the screenshots? Those are the language we are mentioning. That language will depend on your device language. As for now, we support 17 languages. Hereby the list :

1. English

2. German

3. Afrikaans (South Africa)

4. Arabic

5. Danish

6. Dutch

7. Italian

8. Indonesian

9. Norwegian

10. Polish

11. Portuguese

12. Russian

13. Spanish

14. Swedish

15. French

16. Vietnamese

17. Chinese

Two screenshots below are examples of what your app shelf will look like when the device language is set to Dutch and German.

Maybe you are wondering what will happen if your device language is other than these seventeen languages. Our default app language is English so it will appear in English. 

Or maybe you want languages that are not in the list. Don't worry! We are always open to suggestions. If you want to request other than these 17 languages, you are welcome to contact us at We usually provide the template file for you to translate it into the language you want. So, please don't hesitate to drop us an email :)

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