Not a lot of our clients are aware of the 'hidden pages' on the Editor, but this is actually a really cool feature that will help you create a more interactive content with your readers!

What is hidden pages?

Simply put, the hidden pages feature allows for you to make certain pages on your issue visible or not. 

In order to turn your pages hidden, you can simply open the issue, and then click Pages (located on the left side of the editor). Pick the page you would like to have hidden, and click the Edit located right below the page:

You will then see an overlay for the edit page where you can edit the page name as well as the visibility (make sure you click the X to hide your page):

Once your pages are set to be hidden or not visible, the page itself should be grayed out on the editor. These pages will not be visible on the navigation when readers open via mobile app or web app as well.

How can my readers access the pages content if it's hidden?

Because the hidden pages will not be visible on the navigation within the app, the only way your readers can access the hidden pages is if you link the hidden pages on the visible pages within your issue.

For example: We have the Second, Third, and Fourth pages as hidden as shown on the screenshot above. We will link these hidden pages to the First page which is visible:

To do this, first you can add the link by highlighting the word or sentences. You will then see editing variables. Click the link icon as shown below:

After that, there will be an overlay where you can edit the link's properties. You can choose which page you'd like to open when your readers clicked on the link:

Let's check out how that looks on the mobile app!

As you can see below, on the navigation issue, the Second, Third, and Fourth pages are not visible:

When you click the link for the hidden pages, the page will show up as an overlay on top of the current page that you have opened:

That looks cool and all, but how do I use this on my content?

We believe that there are plenty of use that you can get out of this feature! Let's say, for example, the page one on your issue is an advertisement asking your readers about what kind of cars they are interested in. You can add a few hidden pages linked in this ad page so when your readers clicked on one of the options, there's a page popping up with more information, without leaving the app.

You can also use this to provide more in-depth explanation or content to your readers on topics that they are interested in, without having a dozen pages which may bore your other readers that are not interested about that particular topic.

A hidden gem of interactive feature this one, wouldn't you say? ;)

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