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How to Update My Issue Cover Image?

How to upload my issue cover image? Can I change my issue cover image?

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Do you want to upload a new image for your issue cover? If so then these steps will guide you on updating your issue cover image through the MagLoft portal.

Important : It's assumed that you have already logged in to your MagLoft portal.

1. Go to Manage Content > Issues from the left menu then click on the issue cover image from the list for the issue cover you want to update. 

2. Hovering the issue cover until the upload button appears then click it. 

3. A pop-up window will show up. Please select your cover image.

4. You may need to arrange the image first before you click Confirm button. 

5. Once you click Confirm, your cover image will be uploaded automatically. Easy, right? 😀 Don't forget to click that Pack button (or Publish Update button if the issue already has a publish date) to ensure all changes are saved and sync correctly.

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