So you've finished creating and uploading your content, awesome! Before we can see your apps live on the iTunes and Play Store, there are a few steps that you need to complete:

If you scroll down on your portal, you should be able to see a Publish section on the left side of the page:

Add Slug Name

But first thing first, let add your slug name. Please go to the Web App section in the MagLoft portal then click Design. Please type your slug name in the App URL field. It's usually your publication title or magazine name.


The first thing that we will ask is for you to upload your App Icon and Feature Graphic. For a more detailed instructions and requirement regarding this, check out our article here! If you haven't customized any of this yet, you will see that there's a default icon on our portal containing your initials:


Next, you will be asked to fill out the Store Listing information. There's a lot of information that's needed to be filled out in this category, however most of this information is required as we will create and setup your app store listings.

If you want to setup your store listings on your own, just let us know and we will tell you the minimum information required to submit for creating your apps.

What's the difference between Publication Title and Display Name?

The Publication Title is your publication's name that will show up in the App Stores. Your title should be descriptive and include 1-2 of your most important keywords!


WordPress Tutorials - Train You To Publish Blogs

In the above title I actually have 5 keywords which could seem a bit much and doesn't read very well either. By working on my title and changing it to:

WordPress Tutorials Show you the Art of Blogging

makes it a little easier to read and is not stuffed with keywords limiting it to 3. Perhaps not the best of examples, but there is a great blog post about titles and display names (also called bundle display name) right here which we advice you to checkout.

Meanwhile, the Display Name is the short name of your app which will be displayed below your app icon on device home screens. We recommend for the display name to be less than 15 characters as it will otherwise be truncated and displayed with ...

"Superyacht Technology News" contains 26 characters and will be displayed as:


It will be better to change the display name to "SuperyachtTech" is less than 15 characters and will simply be displayed as:


How many keywords should I add?

Choosing the right keywords is important. We would recommend for you to try and use as many as possible but we have maximum 99 characters.

What is the Info Tab Description for?

This is where you put your publication's details as well as your company's information and contact details. An email address should be enough, however if you can also provide your company's physical address, that would be awesome :)

After that, you will need to provide several links to your Support, Marketing, as well as Terms of Use and Privacy page. You are also required by Apple and Google to rate your content, and they both will score it based on your ratings.

NOTE: For the Privacy URL and Terms of Use URL, we always advise our clients to have these terms on their own website and use their own links ( instead of using MagLoft page as shown above.


Next up, you will be asked to select screenshots from your issue. These screenshots are the one that your readers will see when they browse your publication in the App Stores. 3 screenshots are the minimum requirement, but we recommend for you to pick 5 screenshots to make it perfect!

You can also upload your own custom screenshots directly right after we build your apps. Check out these links to see how to upload your screenshots to Apple Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon Store.


After providing the screenshot, you will be asked to set up the subscription types that you want to have for your publication:

To read more about the different subscription types that we offer, check out our article here :)


Unlike the other sections, you will find the Terms & Privacy Policy section already filled. The default terms and privacy policy that you see on the portal is MagLoft's terms & privacy policy, which you are welcome to use:

We simply provide is as an option for our clients who have their own Terms & Privacy Policy, and would like to use theirs instead of ours. If you don't want to change anything, you can just skip this section ahead as it is marked complete automatically. 

If you do want to use your own Terms & Privacy Policy, you can simply copy-pasted your own terms on the available box, and once you're done you then to click the 'Confirm Terms and Privacy Policy' button to save it:


The integrations section is not mandatory, however we always advise and recommend for our clients to have this set up as it will allow you to track usage inside your publication and issues. 

Due to Google Analytics's recent rebranding as "Google Analytics for Firebase", we unfortunately can no longer support it. 

What are Facebook installs?

Facebook installs is a way to measure which Ads from a Facebook Ads campaign resulted in installs. If you plan to run paid ad campaigns for your app in Facebook, you should add your app name and app ID to MagLoft.


Last but not least, we will ask for you to provide both your Apple Developer and Google Developer accounts. MagLoft now requires for our clients to so their apps can be published under their own account instead of MagLoft's.

To connect your Apple and Google Developer Account to MagLoft portal, you can simply follow the instructions provided:

If you don't have any of the developer accounts yet but is interested, we've written an easy guide on How to Register for Apple and Google Developer Program :)

I have completed the publishing section, now what?
Awesome! You can reach out to us via live chat or email us at to let us know you are ready and we will review your account. We are building your app and it's getting into the app stores listing based on the information that you've provided.

How long will that take?
It will usually take us a few hours to build your apps before we submit them for review. Apple usually takes 2-10 working days to review your app, while Google usually only takes a few hours to assess your app :)

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