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How to set the category? What is the category used for?

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Having a lot of magazine issues sometimes will make your readers a little lost. We knew it so we provide this category feature to fix that problem. It's pretty obvious that this feature allows you to categorise your issues. Actually, it is not a new feature for the mobile apps but it has just been implemented to the web app as well. 

From the screenshot above, you could see where this category will be. All categories that you make will appear in that sidebar menu. Let's jump on how to set the category. 

First, you need to log-in to your account and go to the Content > Issues section. In there, you will see all issues you created. Click on one of the issues then you will find the Categories section there. You can type the category you want there and then press enter. It's important to note that you will be able to type more than one category. 

If we may suggest, you could have years as a category. It will help your readers to search your issues based on their publishing year when you have a lot of issues. Also, your magazine genre could be a good example of a category. If your magazines have different versions such as special edition, September issue for a fashion magazine, or particular holiday edition, you could make it as a category too. However, you could name the category as you want. 

Aside from the mobile apps, your issues categories, now, will appear on your web app as well. Simply go to your web app to see this category. Click on the sidebar menu then all categories from your magazine will appear there. 

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