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How to Import a CSV File for Custom Subscriptions
How to Import a CSV File for Custom Subscriptions

A step to step guide on importing a CSV file for custom subscriptions through the MagLoft portal.

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If you are unsure of what a custom subscription is or how to add a new subscriber, check out here. 

Now that you're up to speed, let's run through the steps on how to import a CSV file via the MagLoft portal. 

Step 1:
Click on the 'custom subscriptions' tab on the left hand side. 

Step 2:
Click 'download CSV import template' and open up the file once it's been downloaded. 

Step 3:
Fill in the details of your custom subscribers and save file once complete. 

Tip: By leaving the end-date blank, you will be giving your subscriber a lifetime subscription. Leave the start-date blank and your subscriber will be able to access all previous issues.
Step 4:
Go back into the MagLoft portal and click on 'Import CSV' and select the file you saved. 

Step 5:
After selecting the file, wait for your customs subscriptions to upload then click import records. 

Step 6:
Your custom subscriptions will now appear in your MagLoft portal. You can also manually make changes within the portal. 

Still confused?
Watch this video tutorial on how to import CSV via the MagLoft portal.

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