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How to Send Scheduled Push Notifications/Message in MagLoft Analytics
How to Send Scheduled Push Notifications/Message in MagLoft Analytics

I want to send a scheduled push notifications, how do I do that? What's the difference between scheduled and automated push?

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Just to make it clear, scheduled push notifications/message here means that you can arrange to send a one-time message to all of the users who have installed your app in a specific date/time.

Scheduled push notifications can be useful when you want to announce an update in the near future regarding your magazine to your readers, such as: new issue coming out, a launch of special issue, etc. Scheduling these messages ahead of time will save you the energy, as you don't have to wait up until certain date and time just to hit the send button.

To send scheduled push notification, go to Messaging after you've launched the Analytics platform from the portal. Click on Create Message, and then One-time message:

Setting up the one-time message only needs 4 short steps. First, make sure you've selected the platforms that you'd like to receive the message (iOS or Android or both):

Next, set the date and time to schedule the message:

If you select for the message to be sent at a specific date and time, you will be given the options to select to send the message according to the user's timezone:

After that, you can write down the message title and text. You can also add up to 2 buttons to the message with URL to take your readers to action. There's a toggle at the bottom of the phone so you will be able to see preview of the message on both iOS and Android.

Finally, you can review all of the setup and the message. If you feel that it's ready to go, tick the box that says that you're ready to send the message and then click Start:

Very easy, right? :) If you are looking to send a targeted message to a specific group of readers with specific criteria, check out our automated push notifications/message article here!

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