Upgrading your plan

If you are currently on our Free plan, you should be able to see a yellow button on the top part of your MagLoft portal that says 'Upgrade Now'. If you are already on one of our paid plan, you can access the settings by clicking your name on the portal and click 'Manage Plan'.

You should see a mark that says 'Active' at the top of your current plan with us. You can simply click on the plan that you want to upgrade to. If selected correctly, you should see the mark that says 'New' on the new plan. You would also be able to see the new features that you will unlock by upgrading to the new plan:

To move forward with the subscription upgrade, you can either click the 'Upgrade Plan' button on the top right side of the new plan description:

Or if you scroll down the page, you will also see this box containing the subscription terms. You can continue by clicking the 'Upgrade to XXX' button (depending on the plan you're upgrading to) on the box:

If you are upgrading from our Free plan, there will be a pop up box asking for you to fill in your address and payment information:

What if I already have a paid plan, and I want to upgrade it? How will that work?

First of all, the upgrade will be active immediately. You will not be asked to enter your payment info again as our system already has this information.

What about the payment?
We use Stripe to handle our customer subscriptions and with Stripe, we use the prorated option for both upgrades and downgrades. When you upgrade your plan with us, Stripe will calculate the difference in plan price and make the change on the next invoice. This also means that the payment date will always remain the same.

Let's say you're currently on our Standard plan ($99/month) and you would like to upgrade your account to Professional plan ($199/month) in the middle of your monthly payment cycle.

In this case, your next invoice will be half a month of Standard plan + half a month of Professional plan ($49.50 + $99.50)

A fair plan, wouldn't you say? :)

Downgrading your plan

If you want to downgrade your plan to another paid plan (e.g: Premium to Professional, or Professional to Standard), and are unsure regarding the invoices, the same prorate calculation explained above will also apply to your plan change.

To downgrade your plan, go to the subscription plan setting by clicking the 'Manage Plan' from your Portal. Or you can click this link directly to access the setting :)

You will then see your current plan being marked as 'Active'. You can simply click on the plan that you want to upgrade to. If selected correctly, you should see the mark that says 'New' on the new plan. Under the NEW PLAN section, you will be able to see which features that you will lose if you downgrade from your current plan (will be grayed out):

To finalize the downgrade, you can simply scroll down and click on the box that says 'Downgrade to XXX' (depending on the new plan that you selected):

Once you've clicked on that, the downgrade will be active immediately. 

If you are currently on our paid plan, and would like to cancel your account or downgrade to our Free plan, check out our more detailed article about that here! :)

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