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Creating Cohorts in MagLoft Analytics
Creating Cohorts in MagLoft Analytics

What is a Cohort? How do I create cohorts for my messages? Are cohorts in MagLoft Analytics updated real time?

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Simply put, a cohort is a group of users who have the same behavior. Cohorts are important when you want to send push notifications or messages to a specific group of your users. Creating cohorts will help you send a more targeted message to your users.

Now, in order to create cohorts, you first need to launch the Analytics feature from your MagLoft portal:

This is how the landing page of the Analytics should look like:

To start creating cohorts, you can scroll down your Analytics until you find Cohorts on the left side of the page. Click Cohorts, and then the green Create cohort button on the top right side of the page:

Enter the name of the cohort, and proceed with setting up the User Behavior Segmentation:

Select the behavior type of the user:

Then select the action of the behavior that was previously selected:

Select the frequency (how many times the action has occurred) and the time range (the range of the action):

Those are the basic requirements to create a cohort. However, if you want to create a more specific cohort, you can also add segmentation to the user behavior.

For example, previously we've created a cohort to group users with at least one session. Let's say we want to narrow down this to users with a specific device.

In that case, we can add a segmentation and select Device as the filter. Then we proceed in selecting if we want the users with or without specific devices. The example below shows that we filter users that doesn't use a specific device (the list of devices is automatically detected by the Analytics):

After this, you can still select to add another segmentation if you'd like, or you can also add another condition: 

Once you finish filling out the cohorts behavior and segmentation, you can go ahead and click Create cohort:

Once you finish creating the cohort, it will show up in the list of cohorts that you have. You can also see the details of the cohorts and how many users are qualified within the cohort

You can easily view the users that is included in a specific cohort by clicking on the three dot on the right side of the cohort. You can also edit and delete them this way:

That is all! After creating cohorts, you can go ahead and start setting up your automated push notification messages :)

FAQ: Are the cohorts updated real time/updated right away when a user meets the criteria?

No. Cohorts are not updated in real time. It usually takes about one day for the cohort to be updated with users who match its criteria.

Is there any way to make the cohorts update in real time?

Unfortunately, no. We believe that cohorts (and automated push notifications) are not intended to work in real-time. 

For example, let's say a publisher wants to send a message to readers who have viewed the "Subscribe" page, but haven't purchased a subscription.  They want to send the users a reminder, trying to get them to convert to a paid subscriber. In that case, the message should not be sent instantly, because that would not make any sense. Instead, the reminder should be sent e.g. one day later, which is exactly what the cohorts and automated push notifications are intended to do. 

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