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What does it mean when you restore a purchase?
What does it mean when you restore a purchase?

How can you unlock in-app purchases on another device

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Ok, so you downloaded an app and you like one issue and decided to purchase it. However, you recently changed devices and reinstall the app on a new device. You may be wondering how can you get the purchased issue on your new device. Well, that's what the Restore Purchase feature is all about.

Your readers or you, can restore the transactions in order to maintain access to the issues or content that has already been purchased. This comes in handy especially when you or your readers change devices. Restoring purchases prevents you from losing all the things that have been purchased on the old devices. All you need to do is sign in with your old Apple ID or Google Account credentials and you would have restored your purchases. Pretty simple, correct?

This menu is available on the side menu of your app. Please see screenshot for reference. 

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