In MagLoft portal, you are able to choose up to 5 pages from your issues to use as your screenshots. Of course, some of our clients would like to use their own graphic for their app screenshots.

However, there are a few things that you need to know first when preparing your own screenshots for Apple.

First of all, the screenshot images need to be in either PNG or JPG, with no alpha or transparency in the image. 

Also, make sure that there are no mentions of Google or Android in the screenshots.

Apple requires for you to upload screenshots for 4 different screen sizes/device, which is iPhone 6.5" Display, iPhone 5.5" Display, iPad Pro (3rd Gen) 12.9" Display, and iPad Pro (2nd Gen) 12.9" Display, so you will need to prepare screenshots with different dimensions to cater to these screen sizes:

  • iPhone 6.5" Display requires screenshots with dimension 1242 x 2688

  • iPhone 5.5" Display requires screenshots with dimension 1242 x 2208

  • iPad Pro (3rd Gen) 12.9" Display requires screenshots with dimension 2048 x 2732

  • iPad Pro (2nd Gen) 12.9" Display requires screenshots with dimension 2048 x 2732

At least one screenshot need to reflect your app in use. Only using marketing or promotional materials that do not at all reflect the UI of the app will most likely be rejected by Apple. Make sure that at least one of your screenshots accurately show what the user will see if they download your app.

If you are planning on using a device frame within the screenshot, please note that you will need to showcase the correct device. 

For example, for iPhone 6.5" Display, you will need to showcase the iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR within the frame. If you use iPhone X in the frame (which has 5.8" Display), you are not displaying the app in the correct device frame and Apple will most likely reject the app. 

  • iPhone 6.5" Display devices are: iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR

  • iPhone 5.5" Display devices are: iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus

The same goes for the iPad screenshots. If you want to showcase the iPad device within the screenshot, you will need to showcase the iPad Pro 3rd Gen and iPad Pro 2nd Gen.

If you are using a 'pretty universal' device frame and wondering if Apple reviewer will really notice the difference, I'm telling you now: yes they will. So, better be prepared than sorry right? ;)

After you have your screenshots ready, please let us know that you want to update your screenshots. 

Once your app is live, Apple requires for you to upload a new binary of the app if you want to change your screenshots (see what other changes require a new app build from Apple) so our team will need to upload a new app binary first before you can upload your screenshots.

Once our team has finished uploading a new app binary, you can follow the steps below to upload your custom screenshots:

  1. Log in to your App Store Connect account, and then click My Apps. After that, select your app that you'd like to update the screenshot with.

If the new app binary has been successfully uploaded by our team, you should find the status of your apps to be Prepare for Submission with yellow dot.

2. After getting into the App Store information, click on the latest app binary under the iOS App text

3. Simply click on the tab of the devices shown, and click Choose File to upload the screenshots. You can upload up to 10 screenshots each.

Once you've uploaded the screenshots for these 4 devices, click on View All Sizes in Media Manager

Apple has many devices with various screen sizes, so make sure that you ticked for these devices to use the screenshots that you uploaded. Ticking this means that the higher resolution screenshots will be scaled down for this particular screen size:

Once you've uploaded all the custom screenshots, please make sure that there are no other changes that you'd like to make in the app. Once everything is good to go, you can go ahead, select the latest build of the app. Click Save after picking the build:

After that, submit the app for review:

Check out our other articles here regarding uploading custom screenshots to your Google Play Store and Amazon Store!

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