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Clickable Links in PDF Files

I want to have clickable links in my PDF issue, how can I do that? How many links can I add per issue?

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Having in-document links is one of the easiest way to make your content interactive and interesting for your readers.

There are two ways that you will be able to have in-document links on your PDF file issues.

If you don't have any links yet in your content, you can add them by using our floating links widget. This can be accessed by going to our Portal > Create Content > Open your issue (Editor). On the left side of the portal, you should be able to see the available widgets for PDF files:

Simply click and drag the widget to the page. To edit the floating links, simply click on the body of the widget, and you should see a little pop up showing link icon:

Once you click the pop-up, you should be able to see the Edit/Create Link pop-up box:

Enter the URL of the page that you would like to redirect your readers to on the URL field:

If you would like to have the link redirects to another specific page within the issue, you can choose the destination page on the 'Page' field as shown below:

Next setup is for you to pick which action you would like to happen when your readers click on the link that was provided:

If you don't want for the link to do any of the action and you simply want for the link to take your readers to a certain website, simply leave the Action section as empty. Kindly note that once you click on any of the options, you won't be able to get it back to 'Empty' (although we're currently working on it!)

Next, you will be able to choose how the action that you previously picked will be executed when your readers click the link:

Don't forget to click the blue 'Save' button to save all the changes you made on the floating links widget.

After edit/creating the link, you will also be able to change the style of the link on the right side of the portal page (Properties):

That is all! if you've already added links within the PDF file (which you can do in Adobe, PowerPoint, and a lot more) then our converter will automatically convert these links to clickable hyperlinks. You will see these as our floating links widgets in our TypeLoft editor. All you need to do is just upload your PDF file on our portal and everything is set! If you haven't already, check out our article here to read more about uploading your content as PDF :)

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