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Manually unlock your issue(s) for your reader(s)!
Manually unlock your issue(s) for your reader(s)!

Get the best out of our Readers Issue Purchases feature :)

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At first glance, our Readers feature may seem like a standard, simple feature that shows a list of your readers. But with our latest addition, Issue Purchase, it might end up being something you never thought you needed ;)

What's Readers Issue Purchase?
To put it simply, it's a feature that you can use to set up custom purchases for your readers. This means that you can set up so your readers may have access to a specific issue that you'd like to have more exposure of.

How do I set it up?
Our Readers feature is available for all of our clients (regardless of their subscription plan) and can be accessed by going to the MagLoft portal > CRM > Readers:

After clicking on that, you should be able to see a list of your readers and their email addresses as shown below:

If the person that you would like to unlock an issue for is already your subscribers, you can simply find them by clicking the search icon on the top part of the box, and enter their email address in the appropriate field:

If they are not your subscribers yet, you can manually add them to be your subscriber! Simply click the Create button shown in the screenshot below:

A new field for you to enter their email address, names and password on the top part of the readers' list will show up. Click the second 'Create' button to finalize adding them as your readers.

You may notice that on the email address box there's a button that you can turn on and off. 

If you turn this option off, it means that the person that you added will receive an email for their account confirmation and password.

If this option is turned on, the email address for the user will be confirmed instantly and they will not receive any emails to confirm their account. In this case, you will be responsible for informing them of their account password.

Now, to access the Issue Purchase feature, pick on one of your readers that you would like to set this up to, and click on the blue 'Details' button on the right side of their name:

Once you've clicked on that, you should be able to see your reader's account, which shows their name and email address. Scroll down until you see the Issue Purchases section.

To set this up, you can simply click the arrow under the 'issue' and you should see a drop-down containing all of your issues. Pick the issue that you would like for this reader to have access to, and then click the green 'Create' button on the right side:

Voila! Your reader will now have access to the issue that you selected :)

That sounds great, but what would I need this for?
Plenty! Let's say that you want to reward your special readers with free special issues, you can simply set the issue purchase so they will have access to that issue.

Another case of use would be if there are any purchases or unlock issues problem. Just to be clear, we do want you to reach out to us whenever your readers are having problems. However, with this feature now you can immediately give your readers access to the issues that they purchased while we are working to fix the problem.

You can also use this feature to unlock issues for some of your readers who have purchased a physical copy outside of MagLoft!

A handy feature, wouldn't you say?

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