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Download your issue for offline reading
Download your issue for offline reading

How to download your issue on native iOS/Android apps and Web App for offline reading

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One of the requests that we receive the most is to enable downloading issues for offline reading. Of course, we understand the convenience when you just want to open your device and read the issues you've purchased without having to worry about how internet connection works.

(Although, in order to download the issues, you will need a working internet first!)

On native iOS/Android apps:

For issues on native iOS/Android apps, we actually set it up so that in order for you to read any issues, you will need to download it first. To download the issue, you can simply click the button that says 'Get' next to the issue:

This is how the issue should look like when it's currently downloading. We would recommend for you to not refresh the app or clicking on the issue while it's still downloading:

If the download is successful, then the button next to the issue should change to 'Read' instead of 'Get':

As long as you don't 'Delete' the issue that you've downloaded, it will always be available for offline reading on your phone!

On Web App:

For Web App, you are given the options to enable your readers to download your issues or not. In order to set this, you can go to MagLoft Portal > Create content > open issue. Scroll down until you see the Advanced Settings. You should be able to see the Download option in the PDF settings.

By default, this is turned off, so you will need to turn it on as shown below if you want to enable PDF download:

Once the PDF download is allowed, your readers should be able to see the download button on your issue when they click on the cover:

Note that your readers can only download your issues if they have unlocked or purchased the issue. They also need to be signed in on the Web App.

Perhaps your readers like to read the content of the issues first before deciding if they want to download it for offline reading or not. In that case, they can also look to download the issue by clicking the menu on the top right side of the page, and click on the download icon:

Kindly note that at the moment we only have this feature for Web App download for PDF issues, so if your issues were created with TypeLoft editor or if it was uploaded in other formats (see here for all files format that we support) unfortunately the Web-App download setting won't be available. However, they can still be downloaded and read offline on the native iOS and Android.

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