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Easily Request to Update Your Apps
Easily Request to Update Your Apps

When do I need to update my apps? How to send an app update request?

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Do you know that you can see the details of your current apps status right from the portal? You can also see the app version history along with the features. All this information is available in the App Information section. 

In this section, you can easily request to update your apps to the latest version but before we jump to this in details, let's see when you need to send the request to update your apps. 

Actually, you can request to update your apps if you see there is a latest version of the app but it is more important if you make changes in the MagLoft. These changes below require an app update.

  • App Icon.

  • Publication Title.

  • App Description. It's only for iOS app. 

  • Keywords

  • Email and URLs.

  • App Launch Screen and Font

If you make these changes above then you can follow these steps below to request an app update. 

1. Log into the MagLoft portal.
2. Click  Mobile App and select App Information

3. Click on Request Update button.

4. A popup will appear. There are some requirements you need to check especially on your developer accounts. 

5. You can tick the boxes and also tick the app platform.
6. Click on Process button

7. Your request has been sent to our system. You can always see the status of your request by going to this App Information section. 

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