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What are required if you offer paid issues and paid subscriptions?
What are required if you offer paid issues and paid subscriptions?

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If you offer paid issues and or paid subscriptions, we require you to use your own developer accounts for Apple and Google. This is because we want you to stay in control of your apps and your earnings. Before we can go ahead creating the in-app purchase or in-app products as the initial store listing, there are things you need to complete on your Google Developer Console and your iTunes Connect. 

Below are the details:

Google Developer Console
You are required to create payments profile in payments center. This is to manage and track your app sales from Google Play Console. 

  1. Sign in to Play Console :

  2. Click Settings  > Account details.

  3. Under "Merchant Account," click Set up a merchant account. You will be redirected from Play Console to the payments center to set up your payments profile. Make sure to have your business information available to set up your payments profile.

  4. Enter your legal business name. Enter the name of your business as you want it to appear on your payments profile. This information will be shown to your customers and also on your receipts.

  5. Enter contact name. Enter the name of an authorized representative for your company who Google can contact if they have questions about your payments profile.

  6. Enter business location. Provide your legal business address as it appears on official documents.

  7. Enter business phone number. Google will use this number to contact you if they have questions about your account.

  8. Enter your public business information or choose to have your public merchant profile and payments profile information match. Fill in the fields for your business website, the category of your products ("What you sell"), your customer support email, and the business / product name that will appear on your customers' credit card statement. Using an appropriate credit card statement name helps customers remember what they have purchased and can help keep chargebacks to a minimum for you.  

  9. Double check your info and click Submit. You can't change your business location country but you can change your public merchant and payments profiles later.

After you create a payments profile it is automatically linked to your Play Console. Note: If you have set up a payments profile or merchant center account previously, it is already linked to your Play Console.

iTunes Connect

To sell apps on the App Store, the Legal user needs to sign the Paid Applications agreement in Agreements, Tax, and Banking in the iTunes Connect. If this is not completed, there's a chance that the app will be rejected during the review process.

  1. From the homepage, click Agreements, Tax, and Banking.

  2. In the Request Contracts section, find the agreement you want to sign and on the right, click Request.

  3. Please fill out the contact information for employees in your organization who can address legal, financial, or marketing issues that may arise

  4. Please enter your organization’s tax and banking information

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