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How to add a new publication?

How to create additional publications? How to create new magazine titles?

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With MagLoft, in one single account you can manage multiple publications/magazines. This makes it easier to manage multiple publications. You don't have to log in and out back and forth to check on your various publications. From your account, you can easily visit each publication you may have to manage your issues or create your contents. 

Let's look at how you can add a new publication, shall we? It's assumed that you already have a MagLoft account and that you are logged in. If you still don't have an account yet then please go to this link and register for free.

In the MagLoft portal, click the Plus button in your publication dropdown at the top toolbar. After it's been clicked then it will trigger a new window to appear. You can name your new publication by typing in the Publication Title field then click OK. 

You will be directed to the dashboard of your new publication right away. If you want to go from one publication to another, just click the publication dropdown then choose which publication you want to visit. It will be quick and easy. 

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