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Who will own my apps?

If I go with MagLoft, who will my apps belong to?

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We understand the concerns! You might be thinking, "MagLoft claims to be THE solution to my digital publishing with low cost and no hidden fees, so what's the catch? Will they own my apps?"

Worry not! In addition to all the awesome things above, MagLoft also will NOT be holding the ownership of your apps. That's the beauty of having your own developer accounts, you are the one in control of everything as the apps is all yours.

If you currently don't have any developer accounts, check out our article guide here to create them!

Can I change my provider later if I want to?
Sure! MagLoft allows you to have a monthly subscription which can be cancelled anytime. There is no commitment and you are free to cancel the plan anytime you wish to (though we do want to hear why so don't hesitate to let us know!)

Note that if you'd like to change provider, the new provider will be responsible for uploading an app update into their developer accounts to "overwrite" the MagLoft app version. However everything related to the developer account remains intact (ratings, reviews, subscribers, etc.)

What happens to my apps if I cancel my plan with MagLoft?
Your apps will still be visible in both App Stores, however your readers won't be able to see or download any issues. Check out our article here if you'd like to remove your apps from the App Stores!

โ€‹Any further concerns or questions regarding your apps, don't hesitate to let us know! Reach out to us via live chat or email us at :)

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