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Updating A Single PDF Page

How to re-upload a page into my PDF file issue?

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Our editor, TypeLoft, will allow you to re-upload a page into your PDF file issue. You can replace a single page of your PDF file issue right from the editor. Follow the steps below to learn more:

It's assumed that you are already logged into the MagLoft portal and have a PDF file issue in your list.

1. Go to the Issues section then click the PDF file whose page you want to replace with. 

2. In the issue settings, click the Editor button which will open TypeLoft. 

3. In the pages dropdown, select a page you want to replace with. 

4. After you click the page, go to the toolbar and click the Replace Page button. 

5. You can select a new page file in the dialog box.

6. You can crop the page to make it fit then click the Confirm button. 

7. Once it's uploaded properly on the page, don't forget to click the Save button. 

8. After you close the editor, please click the Pack button or the Publish Update button if the issue already published before. This will push the change/update live to readers and devices.

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