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What if Apple or Google reject my Apps?
What if Apple or Google reject my Apps?

Find out what can be done if your apps are rejected!

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App rejection might be something that you want to hear the least from all of this publishing app process and MagLoft has almost 100% approval rate from both apps stores. However, if something goes beyond the line, we will help you to review the apps and attempt to re-submit it.

Before we try to resubmit, it's always best to see the reasons why the apps are rejected. Apple and Google will mostly approve any apps that meet their guidelines. Apple and Google review all the submitted/resubmitted app, evaluate it, and once an app meets all their guidelines then only does it get published on iTunes and Play Store. 

In case, your app doesn’t meet all of their guidelines it will be rejected and Apple and Google will send you an email to notify you regarding rejection of the app. For iOS app, you can know why Apple has rejected your app by login into your iTunes connect account and go to your Resolution Centre. Google will only send the rejection email to the owner of the developer account.

If you think that this is a misunderstanding or if you are unable to know the reason(s) for rejection and unable to get it fixed, then please reach out to MagLoft support team at the earliest. We will definitely have a deeper look that will help you resolve the rejection issue.

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