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How to connect PayPal for your single issue sales
How to connect PayPal for your single issue sales

Our Web App allows you to connect PayPal to sell your single issue. Find out how!

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PayPal is probably the most popular Payment Provider that integrates nicely with most of systems. Here at MaLoft, we also have been receiving tons of requests to get PayPal integrated with our web app payment system and we're happy to share this with you. This integration will allow you to get up and running with your own payment system in no time! Please bear in mind that at this moment, our PayPal integration only allows the single paid issue and not subscription. Subscription integration is something that we are working on and we'll surely update this article when it's ready. 


  1. You will have to upgrade your MagLoft plan to at least the Professional Plan. This plan will allow you to sell single paid issues

  2. You will need to have Paypal Business Account

Connecting PayPal

  1. On your MagLoft Account, particularly on Design Web App, there's a PayPal feature on Payment and Subscription section. Navigate to your PayPal Developer Account. Register here if you have not had one. Make sure that you are enrolled in PayPal Business one.

  2. When you logged in, on your left hand side of your PayPal dashboard, click on My Apps and Credentials feature. 

3. Scroll down a little bit and you'll find the REST API apps menu. Click on Create App.

4. A new window will show up and you are required to fill out the app name. Fill this with your publication/magazine title. There is a Sandbox developer account for testing as well and you may select the We will cover the Sandbox developer account on another article. When all are filled and selected, click Create App.

5. After an app is created, you will see a new page with your API Credentials. Make sure you are on the LIVE section instead of the Sandbox as it's for testing. Copy the Client ID and paste it on MagLoft Design Web App on PayPal section.

6. You need to do the same for the PayPal Client Secret. Copy the one from PayPal API Credentials page and paste it on your MagLoft account. Remember to set the Environment to Live as well.

7. Finally, click on Connect Account and if everything goes well, you'll see PayPal check out on your Web App. Please bear in mind that all the codes here are only for demo and they are not used in MagLoft production. It is important to remember to never ever share your keys/codes with people you don't trust

8. To check if  your Web App has the PayPal check out, refresh your Web App, click on one of the issues that shows cart, and try to proceed to payment. PayPal check out should be available as one of the payment options.

Hope this clarifies and if you find any difficulties, do not hesitate to drop us an email to :)

Happy connecting, guys!

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