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What do you need to publish on Amazon App Store?
What do you need to publish on Amazon App Store?

Find out what should be completed before we can submit your app to Amazon App Store

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Wait, what? Does MagLoft offer Amazon Apps now? Oh yes, we do! You may not be aware that MagLoft also offers Amazon App for its clients but yes we do. If you are interested to get an Amazon app in addition to your iOS and Android apps, please do reach out to us and we will build this for you. Please be advised that you have to be at least on our Professional Plan to be able to have the Amazon app.


  • Create your Free Amazon Developer Program here. 

  • If you offer any in-app purchase on your app, you will be required to complete the Royalty Tax and Service Tax Identity Interview.

  • It is also necessary for you to complete the Payment Information in the Settings section as this where your proceeds will be sent to

  • When this payment settings are completed, you will need to invite as Administrator so we can upload the build and complete store listing before it goes for submission.

  • It will only take a few hours for us to build the app and submit it for a review.

  • Amazon will only take about a few hours to approve a new submission and you should be receiving a notification when your app has been approved.

That's pretty simple but if there are things that are still unclear, please do not hesitate to reach out to us :)

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