It is easy to choose the screenshots for your app from our portal. We have thrown away the complicated technical kind of things for you. So all you have to do is only clicking. That's great, right? 

First, let we explain to you what screenshots we are referring to. These screenshots here are the ones that display on the app stores. You will be required to provide them as Google and Apple told so. Your readers will be able to see these screenshots as if they sneak a peek into your app. See the screenshots below for better understanding :

Now, allow us to show you how to do it right inside the portal. At first, you must have at least one issue. Click on the Screenshots at your left hand section. Then you may choose the screenshots by selecting your issue. You are able to choose the screenshots from different issues. You can select five screenshots tops. 

Maybe you are wondering what if you want to update your screenshots but you don't want to get them from the issues. It is also easy. You can contact us right away at then we will help you to do it. It also applies for those who upload a HPUB file. At this moment, you are not able to choose the screenshots from the portal so you need to contact us as well.

Actually, for Google, you are able to modify the screenshots without the app update. In the other hand, for Apple, every screenshot modification will need an app update. 

Let's talk about the screenshots on Google. How you update them is by login into your Google Developer Account then choose your app. Click on the Store presence at your left hand section. At the Store listing menu, scroll down the page until you find the Screenshots section. You could update your app screenshots there. 

It's important to note that you need to adjust the dimension first. As for MagLoft, we usually use the screenshot dimension based on Apple but it can be used for Google as well. For the screenshots dimension, you may take a look at the screenshot below for the image dimension (we usually use 12.9-Inch Retina Display for iPad and Tablet and 5.5-Inch Retina Display for Smartphone) :

After you modify your app screenshots, scroll down to click on Submit Update. Then you need to wait, it usually takes few hours to update on Google Play Store. 

For updating your app screenshots on iTunes Connect, you need to contact us so we can do the app update for you. Still have questions about it? Please don't hesitate to drop us an email!

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