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An Affiliate Marketing Feature for My Magazine App
An Affiliate Marketing Feature for My Magazine App

Does MagLoft have an Affiliate Marketing Feature for my magazine?

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By affiliate marketing feature here, it means that there is a feature that can make you create your affiliate links and you can share those links to your business partners. Then, those links can be shared by them on their blog, site, social media and so forth in order to get commissions from you. That feature also allows you to track down every subscriptions and purchases made from those links and give a report by the end of the month to you in order to know the commissions you should give for your business partners. 

As for now, unfortunately, we still don't have that feature yet. But we may suggest to use iTunes Affiliate Program. Further informations about it, please visit this link.

Hereby the following steps below will help you to create an account for iTunes Affiliate Program : 

1. Please visit the link above. 

2. Simply click on "Apply Now".

3. It will bring you to a page where if you already had account, you'd simply click on "Sign In". If you don't have an account, just click on "Apply now"

4. Fill all the informations there and then scroll down to click on "Continue"

5. The next page, you are also required to fill all the informations there then scroll down to click on "Continue"

6. On PHG Terms and Conditions, you just need to scroll down and click on the box that shows you have read and agree to those terms and conditions, then you click "Continue".

7. Once you go to "Confirmation" page, you will get an email that informs you that Apple is currently reviewing your application and will send you an email with the status of your application within five business days.

After you received the email from Apple which told you that you've been accepted to the Affiliate Program, you could sign in to your account or simply just using this link to go there.

For starting, you will be asked to fill the payment details to get your revenue. You need to fill your bank account details and also choose currency and your bank country.

After all details above are completed then you are all set to try using iTunes Affiliate program. At first, you need to go to the Tools section then scroll down to General Tools

In this section, you can choose what kinds of tool you want to use for your blog, site, app, or maybe social media. Let's try to use Link Maker for instance.

Inside Link Maker section, you can search the app, music, movie, song you want. You can set the country and also the media type. We will give you the example using our app, MagLoft.

Simply type the name of the app then press enter. Don't forget to set the store country and also the media type. Then, you can pick for iPhone app or iPad app. In the pictures below are for the iPhone app.

For the iPad app, you could simply click the app in the iPad apps section then you can get the link as well. Copy-paste the link to your own blog, site, social media, or maybe app.

Finally, you just need to wait until the visitors of your site click or purchase through that link. All commissions you earn and also the reports will be shown in the Overview  section of your iTunes affiliate account. Just FYI, the commissions are eligible on sales for up to 24 hours after a user clicks on your iTunes link. For Movies, TV,  Mac Apps, Mac In-Apps, iBooks, and paid apps earn a 7% commission rate while iOS In-App purchases and iTunes Music earn a 2.5% commission rate.

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