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Customize available platforms for your issues
Customize available platforms for your issues

Do you want for certain issues to only be available on native apps? Or only on Web-app?

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There are a couple of reasons why limiting the available platforms for your issues can be a good thing. Let's say your business goal is to focus on getting your app downloaded, then you can set it up so your issues/publication can only be seen on iOS and Android apps. Or perhaps you would like to launch certain special/limited issues on the web-app only. Or perhaps you'd prefer to upload two different issues with the same content, with one issue optimized for reading on the web (wider view) and the other optimized for reading on the native apps (taller view).ย 

In that case, by customizing the available platform on your issue, you don't need to ruin the aesthetics of your issue title by writing additional information such as 'Issue X - DESKTOP' or 'Issue Y - PHONE' just to distinguish between the two. Your readers also won't be left confused as to why they see two of the exact same issues on their platform.

Now that we've talked about the advantages, how do we actually do that?

It's actually very simple! All you need to do is to go to your MagLoft portal > create content, and click on the issue that you would like to customize:

After clicking on the issue, scroll down and you will see the advanced settings. When you click on that, it should expand and you should see it like this:

There needs to be at least one (1) allowed platform in the setting.

This is how it looks like if you only want the issues to be visible on the web-app:

This is how it looks like if you want the issues to only be visible on the native apps:

Please note that you can only customize this one issue at a time (no bulk edit), but the good thing is it doesn't take long so even if you already have many issues, you can still customize everything without feeling like you just waste half of your day!

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