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Replacing Your Existing App with Our Version

What's required if you have an existing app live in the major App Stores and wanting to use us as your new solution?

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We received several questions from those who have just discovered MagLoft, had an existing app live built by another developer/provider and wanted to replace that app with MagLoft's version. 

This is definitely possible. We can build and submit your magazine app to replace that existing app. The requirements are quite different for iOS and Android App. In order to proceed, we will need:

iOS App:

It is not too complicated to update your iOS app. We will only require your own developer account and our automatic system will do the rest of the magic. However, do let us know if you have offered Auto Renewable Subscription or a single issue purchase. We will need to copy the existing product IDs so your current subscribers will still have access to the issues they have purchased. 

 If your existing app was setup in a third party, we can't update it, and you either have to:

  1. create your own developer account and ask your provider to transfer your app

  2. start from scratch with your own developer account

Android App:

In order to update your existing Android App, we will need the JKS File, which is also known as the key store file. It would be good to ask the previous developers who built the apps for you. Found this link that may give a clue.

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