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Next Steps to Publish Your Mobile Apps
Next Steps to Publish Your Mobile Apps

What do I need to do next after I upgrade my plan? What do I prepare to publish my mobile apps?

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In order to publish your mobile apps, there are several things to do. They are as follows:

1. Enroll in the developer accounts. If you already do this then you can skip this step and go to the second step.

2. If you offer paid subscriptions/issues, you need to set up the Google Merchant setting as well as the agreement, tax, and banking for Apple. Kindly refer to this article to guide you on working on these.

3. When your developer accounts are set, you can now invite MagLoft account, as an admin in your Apple, Google, and Amazon Developer Account. Specifically for Apple developer, please ensure you invite us as Admin (not App Manager, etc.) and give us access to certificates.

4. What happens if I already have an app before? No need to worry as you can replace your existing app with the MagLoft version. Check out this article to see what the requirements are.

5. After inviting our developer account as an admin, you can now start working on your Store Listing. Kindly read this article to guide you.

6. Don't forget to customize your mobile apps by going to the Mobile App section in the MagLoft portal. Check out the video below for your reference.

7. If you offer a paid subscription, especially if you select Newspaper and Magazine as your primary category in the Store Listing, you will need to create your subscriptions in the Sales section. Please see this video below to guide you.

If all of your issues are free and you don't offer any paid subscription, you can skip this step.

8. Once everything is in place, you can upgrade your plan (this article will guide you) or if you do already, you can send the request to build your app. Go to the Mobile App section then App Information. Please click the Request Update button.

9. Now you can sit tight and let us do the rest.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to send a message to us,

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