If you publish your apps in Google Play Console and you happen to offer paid subscriptions, then there are three promotion that you can implement to your subscription setups that can attract new readers:

Free Trial

This is the most commonly used promotion that we see publishers use.

A free trial is basically letting your readers unlock your content for a specified period of time before their account/card is charged with the subscription price.

So their subscription period starts immediately, but they won't be charged until the free trial period is over.

Introductory Prices: Single Payment

Another promo that you can set up is the Introductory Prices' Single Payment. When you set this up, new readers/subscribers pay a one-time introductory price for a specific duration. After this, they'll pay the regular price of your subscription.

For example:

Your subscription price is $9.99/month, but you want to offer your readers a one-time special price of $1.99 for 3 months.

This means that in the initial purchase, your readers will pay a total of $1.99 and unlock the subscription content for 3 months, and then they will be charged the regular $9.99 price on the 4th month.

Introductory Prices: Recurring Payment

For the Recurring Payment option in Introductory prices, your new readers/subscribers will pay an introductory price for each billing period for a specific number of periods. After the period has ended, they will be charged the regular price of your subscription.

For example:

Your subscription price is $9.99/month, but you want your readers to be able to purchase the subscription for $1.99/month for the first 3 months. In this case, you need to set up the Pay as You Go option.

After three months of paying $1.99/month, your readers will be charged the normal subscription price $9.99/month on the 4th month.

How to Set Up Free Trial & Introductory Prices in Google Play Console:

1. Log in to your Google Play Console account

2. Choose your app, and then on the left side of the page, scroll down until you find the Monetise section. Click Products, and select Subscriptions

3. Select the subscriptions you want to implement the offer to

4. Scroll down until you see the Subscription Options section

5. Adjust the set up as you'd like. You can enable the Free Trial option if you want to provide free trials for your subscription:

If you want to implement an introductory price, select the option you want and set up the duration as well as the pricing:

6. Once you've completed the introductory price & free trial setup, click Save Changes to save any changes you made.

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