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How do I get paid?

I want to sell subscription and paid issues, how do I get paid? Will MagLoft manage my revenue? Where can I see my apps' sales report?

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So you want to have a subscription and sell paid issues within your publication, awesome! 

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear from our potential clients is how they are going to get paid, and if MagLoft takes any commission.

First of all, in order for you to be able to sell subscriptions and paid issues within your publication, you will need to be at least on our App plan and have your own developer accounts. Check out our article here that explains the requirement in details.

See, one of the beauties of having your own developer accounts is that you will be fully in control of your apps as well as your earnings. You can also easily check out the sales report on your developer accounts, please find the steps below to guide you:

  1. Apple: Simply click this link and log in to your Apple Developer Account.

  2. Google: Please log in to Google Play Console > Financial Reports > Overview.

All payments from your paid subscriptions and paid issues will go straight to your developer accounts. MagLoft will not take any commission or manage your revenue, it's all yours!

If you don't yet have your own developer accounts but would like to, check out our guide here that might help.

By using your own developer accounts, you will also get the sales report directly from iTunes Connect and Google Developer Console.

No hassle at all, right? ;)

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