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How to Invite MagLoft to Your Apple Developer Account
How to Invite MagLoft to Your Apple Developer Account

Step-by-step guide on how to invite MagLoft as admin to your Apple Developer Account

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With Apple enforcing their users to enable 2FA, MagLoft's system of connecting Apple Developer Account has changed as well.

MagLoft now requires our clients to invite us to their Apple Developer team so we can have easy access to work on their apps.

Please note that for MagLoft to have full access to the app and developer resources, your Apple Developer Account type has to be Company/Organization.

If you're not unsure on what type your account is, you can check it by logging in to your Apple Developer Account and check Membership > Entity Type.

If you're currently on a Personal/Individual account, you will need to upgrade your account to Company/Organization. Upgrading your account will not cost any extra, however you are required to submit some documentation. Check out our help article here to see how you can upgrade your account

If you already have a Company/Organization account, then let's proceed with inviting MagLoft to your team!

The first step would be to log in to your App Store Connect Account (Don't have one? Check out our guide here to see how to create one!)

On the home page, click on Users and Access:

This should take you to the Users and Roles page, where you can see how many users have access to your App Store Connect account as well as their roles.

To add new User, click the + button next to the text Users:

You will then be asked to enter the user details as well as the roles:

Fill out the name and email address. Name will be up to you, but the email address has to be

Proceed with selecting the role you would want to provide. In order for MagLoft to be able to upload and publish your apps on App Store Connect, you will need to give us the role of an Admin. Please make sure that we have access to All Apps as well.

Please also make sure that the Developer Resources is ticked for MagLoft

After that, you can simply click the Invite blue button. If everything goes smoothly, we should receive the invitation. Once we confirm the invitation, our system will then have access to both your App Store Connect & Apple Developer Account :)

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