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What kind of files does MagLoft support?

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While we do have our own visual drag and drop editor (TypeLoft) that our clients can use to create a responsive issue from scratch, sometimes our clients already have their content available and ready to go in a various formats.

So what kind of files do we support? At the moment, we support the following formats:

  • PDF files
    This is one of the most popular file format that we see our clients use. If you have your content ready as PDF files, check out our article here for a more detailed guide on how to upload it!

  • HPUB files
    This is another of unique features of MagLoft. An HPUB file is basically a mini website where you create all the HTML, CSS and JS yourself. This gives you endless opportunity for creating exactly what you want.

  • EPUB files
    We already have a few clients using EPUB files. You can directly upload your EPUB files in our portal and then later put on additional widgets to make it more interactive.

  • FOLIO & ARTICLE files
    This is the type of files that you will likely have if you create your content with InDesign. This way, you don't have to export the file to PDF first. You can just save it and directly upload the files to our portal!

We've also created a little comparison of the files we support based on the scope, ease of use, interactivity, etc.:

What about WORD documents? Do you support that?
Unfortunately at the moment we don't support WORD documents. If you have your content as WORD documents, you can convert them to PDF and upload the PDF in our editor. It might be a bit messy but it will work.

Alternatively, what we will recommend will be for you to upload your images to our TypeLoft editor and copy/paste your text/images into one of the cool responsive themes we offer. This will allow you to create content that fit's perfectly on any screen, size and orientation :)

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