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How to Send Automated Push Notifications/Messages in MagLoft Analytics
How to Send Automated Push Notifications/Messages in MagLoft Analytics

How do I send automated push notifications in MagLoft Analytics? What's the difference between automated and scheduled push notifications?

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This article will help guide you in creating automated push notifications in MagLoft Analytics feature.

To clarify, the automated push notifications/messages is for when you want to create a campaign and send message to users with specific behavior or criteria. The automated push notifications feature helps you send a targeted message to your readers, which can improve their engagement.

Now, how do you send the automated push notifications?

The first step is to make sure that you've already created the cohorts you'll be targeting. This is a requirement if you want to create the automated message.

Check out our article here to see how you can create cohorts.

After you've created the cohort, navigate to the Messaging section of the Analytics platform. Click the green Create Message button on the top right part of the page, and click Automated Message:

Creating the automated message only takes short 5 steps. 

First, you can select the platform that you'd like to send the message to (iOS or Android or both):

Next, for the campaign rules, you can select the trigger type, which cohort you'd like to target, and the campaign start date. You are able to select more than one cohort.

The third step would be for you to set up the message delivery system. You can choose to send the message immediately after the user enters the cohort, or choose to delay the message for x amount of time after they enter. You can also choose to send the message at a specific time based on your reader's timezone.

You can then choose if you want the message to have any capping or not. We would recommend the Capped option, as it is possible for a user re-enter the cohort multiple times and we imagine it would be annoying if they keep receiving the same message every time, right? ;)

After that, you can simply start typing in your message title and text, with additional attachment URL and button options. There's a toggle on the bottom part of the phone so you can see how it looks like both on iOS and Android

Once you've finished the setup, you will be able to review everything on the final step. If all looks good, you can tick the box confirming that you're ready to send the message, and then click Start.

Your automated message is now live! You can check all of your automated messages status on the bottom part of the Messaging section:

If you are looking to simply send a scheduled push notification to all of your users regarding a magazine update (e.g: New Issue coming out, announcement, promo, etc.) then check out our Scheduled Push Notifications article :)

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