Good news! MagLoft now has its Zapier app but it's not publicly available yet. It is by invitation only. Feel free to reach out to the MagLoft Support Team to get invited and unlock a lot of integrations Zapier has to offer. 

As an example, we will show you to use the MagLoft Zapier App with Squarespace. For other CMS / Zapier Triggers, it will work the same way. You can synchronise your new readers to MagLoft so they will get a custom subscription of your magazine.

Before we start, please check the requirements below:

  1. You need to be invited by us to get access to the MagLoft Zapier App.
  2. You need to set up your Squarespace account and create your website. 
  3. Create a Zapier account to start the integration. A free account will be just fine. 

Once you have ticked all of the steps above, you can log into your Zapier account and click on the Make a New Zap button in the Dashboard. 

In the new page, you can rename the integration in the Name your zap field. In this first step, you need select which app you want to integrate with MagLoft. As mentioned above, this article will talk about Squarespace so just type Squarespace and select the app. 

For now, the MagLoft Zapier app supports the creation of custom subscriptions, thus, you need to have a form block in Squarespace. Please visit this link to  see how to create this form block.

You can create the form as simple as possible. We only need the name, password, and email but you can add a custom field for your promotion/coupon code perhaps. 

After you select the Squarespace app in the Zap form, don't forget to choose the trigger event which is the new form submission then click Continue

You will be asked to sign into your Squarespace account. 

A new popup will show up afterwards. You are asked to type Squarespace API key. There is a note there to guide you. Otherwise, please visit this page for your reference. 

After you copy-paste the API key, please click Yes, Continue and you will be taken back to the Zap form and you can see the title of your website. If there are more than one website titles then select one and click Continue

Please select the title of the form! 

You can test and review it first or skip it. 

In the second phase, select MagLoft app and select Create Custom Suscription in the Action Event dropdown. 

You are asked to sign into MagLoft. 

Please copy-paste the Access Token from the MagLoft portal! 

You can find the access token by clicking on your MagLoft account in the portal. 

After you copy-paste the Access Token, click Yes, Continue. In the next step, you need to select your publication. 

Once you select the publication title in the dropdown, please continue to add the field for the following form. 

For the end date, the format is today(blank space)+(duration). The duration can be day, month, or year (day=d, month=m, year=y). 

Simply turn on the Zap if you are all set! 

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