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MagLoft Zapier Integration From A to Z
MagLoft Zapier Integration From A to Z

Does MagLoft have a Zapier app? How to integrate MagLoft to 3rd party using Zapier?

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Good news! You can integrate the tools you love with MagLoft by using Zapier. This allows you to automatically create a new subscription whenever something is created in your tool of choice. For example, if a new subscription is created in your favourite CRM, we can automatically create the corresponding subscription in MagLoft.

How do I get the Zapier integration?

Our Zapier integration is available via invite here:

How do I set up the Zapier integration?

As an example, we will show you to use the MagLoft Zapier App with Squarespace and Salesforce. For other CRM / CMS / Zapier Triggers, it will work the same way. You can synchronise your new readers to MagLoft so they will get a custom subscription of your magazine.

Before we start, please check the requirements below:

  1. Create a Zapier account to start the integration. A free account will be just fine.

  2. Make sure your CRM / CMS is set up (e.g. Salesforce, Squarespace, etc..) and we're ready to roll 😉

Once you have ticked all of the steps above, you can log into your Zapier account and click on the Make a New Zap button in the Dashboard. 

In the new page, you can rename the integration in the Name your zap field. In this first step, you need select which app you want to integrate with MagLoft. We'll use Squarespace first in this example, but feel free to use any other tool of your choice. 

The MagLoft Zapier app supports the creation of subscriptions, thus, we'll link up a Trial Subscription Form form Squarespace. Please visit this link to  see how to create this form block.

You can create the form as simple as possible. We only need the name, password, and email but you can add a custom field for your promotion/coupon code perhaps. 

After you select the Squarespace app in the Zap form, don't forget to choose the trigger event which is the new form submission then click Continue

You will be asked to sign into your Squarespace account. 

A new popup will show up afterwards. You are asked to type Squarespace API key. There is a note there to guide you. Otherwise, please visit this page for your reference. 

After you copy-paste the API key, please click Yes, Continue and you will be taken back to the Zap form and you can see the title of your website. If there are more than one website titles then select one and click Continue

Please select the title of the form! 

You can test and review it first or skip it. 

Next, we'll set up our Action. You can type "MagLoft" in the search box and select the latest MagLoft Zapier integration:

Right away, you should see the action "Create Subscription" preselected. Click continue to confirm:

You will be are asked to sign into MagLoft:

You can use your MagLoft account login (email and password) to continue:

Now here's the most important step. We need to instruct our Zap to use the fields from our previous tool (e.g. Squarespace, Salesforce, or others) and map them to the corresponding fields of the MagLoft subscription. The following screens shows an example, and we'll explain these fields in the next chapter:

With Zapier, you can simply click on any of the MagLoft Subscription fields, and choose which field to use from the previous step:

  • Publication ID: Choose the MagLoft Publication you would like to use for this integration.

  • Email & Password: These are the fields the new reader can use to login with your MagLoft app. Make sure to link those up with the Email and Password fields of the Trigger step.

  • External ID: If your tool has a unique ID for the new subscriber, you should link this up here. We can use this later in case we need to update a readers' Email address or password.

  • Custom Data: You can provide additional fields that you would like to save for your subscriber. For example, you could set "Campaign" to "Free Trial Campaign" to store information on where this subscription was coming from.

  • Firstname & Lastname: It's a good idea to set up these fields in your Subscription form and link it to MagLoft, as this will be used whenever you reach out to a reader and helps personalizing their experience.

  • Order ID: This field is optional, but we encourage you to set this to your unique subscription ID or User ID from your CRM. This will help us update the reader later-on, and might be useful when looking up his subscription in the MagLoft platform.

  • Start Date: This is the date from when a readers subscription starts. If you leave this empty, their subscription starts "from the beginning of time", and all back issues will be made available to this reader. Commonly you will want to use the creation date of the subscriber.

  • End Date: This is the date when a subscription will expire. If it's a lifetime subscription, you can just leave this field empty. You can either link up an expiration date field from your CMS / CRM, or use a nifty trick to create an expiration date based on the start date, e.g.:
    Created Date +1w ... will expire in one week
    Created Date +1m ... will expire in one month
    Created Date +1y ... will expire in one year

Once you're ready, click on continue, and you can test your integration. If all goes well, you should get a notification that the test was successful:

Have a look in your MagLoft account, you should find the new subscriber in the Custom Subscriptions section:

You can click on their email address to see additional details:

As you can see, we've got all the relevant information in MagLoft.

If you're happy with the result, turn on the Zap:

Et Voilà: you have successfully set up MagLoft with your CRM / CMS!

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