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Uploading Custom Image for Your App's Launch Screen
Uploading Custom Image for Your App's Launch Screen

All you need to know about your app's launch screen image

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Launch Screen image is what shows up on your app screen for a few seconds when your app first launches.

Previously, MagLoft uses your app icon and turned it into the launch screen. However, with our recent updates, you are now able to set up your own launch screen image.

Follow the steps below to upload your own launch screen image:

1. Log in to MagLoft portal, and navigate to Mobile App > App Designer. After that, click on the Launch Screen button:

2. After clicking the Launch Screen, select Custom Image from the dropdown.

3. Upload your custom image that you'd like to use as launch screen. Please note that the required image dimension is 3072 x 4098. Don't forget to click Publish button to ensure that the changes are saved.

Please be aware that if you select the Custom Image option, but did not upload any images, MagLoft loading screen image will be used when we build the app.


Even though the required image dimension is 3072 x 4098, we recommend that the image you used has its 'focus' placed within the safe zone. The safe zone is 2020 x 4098 px.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, your image will be implemented and shown across all devices and platforms. The devices being mobile phones and tablets, which have various screen sizes. If the focus of your launch screen image is too stretched out, it will look good on tablet but it might get cropped out when it's shown on mobile phones screen.

See examples of one of our clients' launch screen below:

That is all for uploading the custom image for your launch screen!

However, please be aware that changing your launch screen image requires an app update from our end. This change will not be automatically synced with the app. So if you want to make a launch screen change, please reach out and notify our team so we can prepare an app update :)

As updating the app requires some time, we recommend all our clients to make several app changes all at once instead of one by one. Learn what other changes require a new app build here.

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