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"Can you show me some MagLoft examples", "Do you have some sample clients I can see?", "Do you have some demo apps?", "Do you have some use cases I can see?"

Yes, we have received this kind of questions a lot and we're happy to show them to you. You can actually find the sample of our clients' issue in the MagLoft Preview App available in the App Store and Play Store. We have some of our best clients' issue showcased in the app :)

Other than that, you can also find below the sample of magazines built with MagLoft. They are divided based on their type. At this moment, MagLoft allows you to upload PDF and HPUB file for your issue and of course, we have our TypeLoft Editor to create your issue. Simply click on the links provided and it will take you to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to download the apps.

One of the unique features of MagLoft is our visual drag and drop editor to create content that fits perfectly on any screens size and orientation. You can make your content to be more interactive using our editor to drag YouTube and Vimeo videos onto your pages. HPUB is basically a mini website that you have coded yourself. Please reach out to us if you want to find out more information about this. 

1. Uke Magazine (PDF)

UKE Magazine is a dedicated magazine for ukulele players, designed and written in Great Britain. Each issue features interviews with ukulele stars, fascinating ukulele features, uke stories from around the globe, songs to learn and reviews of the best ukulele gear. The magazine has been successfully published in print format since March 2015, winning local business awards in its home city of Carlisle. Since then, the publication has grown, with ukulele players enjoying the mixture of original content, things to learn and beautiful design and ukulele photography. Grab the iOS Version, Android Version and have a look at their WebApp.

2. Change Creator Magazine (TypeLoft)

Change Creator specializes in social entrepreneurship to help building a mission focused lifestyle that drives your triple bottom line - Profits, People, and Planet.  
Change Creator started by uploading a PDF file but then they tried our TypeLoft Editor and have been using it ever since. This allows them to have an interactive digital magazine and they claim themselves to be the first interactive digital magazine app for social entrepreneurs available on iTunes and Google Play. They are now available on desktop and mobile so you can read articles, watch videos and listen to interviews anywhere, anytime.

Check Change Creator in the App Store, Google Play Store and WebApp.

3. Kroma Magazine (HPUB)

Kroma is the Art Magazine you have always in your pocket. What makes this magazine unique is that they upload their PDF to MagLoft and then download the file as an HPUB. In this HPUB File, they add some more interactions and finally, upload the edited HPUB to MagLoft. Pretty smart! Enjoy a world of Art and Creativity of Kroma Magazine in iOS App and Android App.

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