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How to register for Apple Developer Program and Google Developer Program
How to register for Apple Developer Program and Google Developer Program

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Here at MagLoft, we want our clients to stay in full control of everything about their apps. Publishing through the clients' own developer accounts will give just that. This is required as we do not publish your apps in our own accounts.

You will need an Apple Developer Account and a Google Play Developer Account. The Google Play Developer account will cost you $25 (lifetime access) and the Apple Developer Account will cost you $99/year. These fees are applicable for anyone wanting to submit any type of app to the respective app stores.

Please find below on how to get yourself an Apple Developer Account and Google Developer Program:

Apple Developer Account

In order to get enrolled in Apple Developer Program, go to and click ENROLL on your right-hand side. 

You need to enroll as an organization.

  • If you’re enrolling your organization, you’ll need an Apple ID as well as the following to get started:

a. A DUNS Number. This can be retrieved by contacting Duns & Bradstreet here:

b. Legal Entity Status

c. Legal Binding Authority

Apple Developer Program will cost you $99/year. Once you are enrolled, please link your Apple Developer Account by filling out your Apple Team Name and ID in the MagLoft portal. 

Google Developer Account

  1. Register for a google developer account:

  2. Login to the Developer Console

  3. Click on “Invite co-workers to the Developer Console"

  4. Click on “Invite new User

  5. Enter “”, select “Administrator” and press “Invite User

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