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Everything You Need to Know about Issue Categories and How They Work
Everything You Need to Know about Issue Categories and How They Work

What is a category in issues? How do I create and select a category? Categories missing in the Issue List.

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MagLoft provides you with this category feature to help you classify your magazine issues or your articles such as the special editions, some particular themes, or perhaps the September issues for a fashion magazine. You can also group issues by year, country or language using categories.

Without a further ado, below are the steps to create and select the categories for your issue:

It's assumed that you already logged into the MagLoft portal. You can create and select this category from your issues or articles. 

1. Click one of your issues and you can find the Categories  section below the Issue Description. 

2. If you have already created the categories then you can select them in the dropdown. But if you haven't then you need to create one first. Simply click Edit Categories button and a popup will appear! Type the category name then click Create button. 

Pro tip: you can also assign a colour to the category when creating/editing them. Just click on the paint brush icon to select a colour.

3. Now you can select the category you just created in the dropdown. 

4. Repeat the same steps above for your articles:

You can select up to 5 categories for each issue or article but you are able to create unlimited categories. If you import the articles using RSS and each article have more than 5 categories then only first 5 categories will be shown in portal but all categories will be imported and you can find them in the categories list. 

If you are familiar with an SEO article, you must know that there are keywords which are important to rank up your article in the web search engine. These categories won't work that way as they are used to classify your articles and issues in your apps. 

This is what the categories will look like in your apps:

Moreover, this category will show up in the issue list on your mobile apps if you choose the left item style. You can arrange the category in the portal as the first category will appear in the app like the screenshots below. 

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