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How to Check App Analytics on Firebase
How to Check App Analytics on Firebase

A step-by-step guide on how to check App Analytics on Firebase

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Checking your app analytics on Firebase is really easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to Firebase console:

  2. Find your app.
    In this example, we'll use the MagLof Digital Magazines app. Your app should be listed here.

  3. Open the Analytics tab. This is where you will find a dashboard with various metrics..

A. Analytics Dashboard

Explore metrics like active users, events, user engagement, and more.

B. Event Logging:

Firebase Analytics allows you to log custom events. Use these to track specific interactions in your app.

C. Conversion Tracking:

Set up conversion events to track important user actions, like a purchase or sign-up.

D. Audiences:

You can set custom user properties to segment your users. This can help understand user behavior.

E. Debug View:

Use the Firebase DebugView to monitor events and troubleshoot analytics issues.

F. Real-Time Analytics:

Firebase Analytics provides a real-time dashboard for instant insights into user activity.

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