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Preview Your Apps Anytime For Free On Your Own Devices!
Preview Your Apps Anytime For Free On Your Own Devices!

I want to test my apps first before MagLoft submits them to the App Stores, is there any way I can do that?

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Like you, here at MagLoft we always try to come out with the best features and service. It takes time, as we need to test our products over and over again to make sure that it's perfect. 

With that in mind, of course you are able to test your apps first before submitting them to the App Stores! What kind of digital publishing solution would we be if we didn't provide you with that? ;)

The easiest way for you to test and preview your apps would be to use our preview feature in the MagLoft app. You can always do this for free at any time, with no limit, even if your settings are not completed yet. This requires for you to download our MagLoft app (which is readily available on both iTunes Store and Google Play Store! Get MagLoft app on iTunes Store here, and on Google Play Store here)

The instructions to preview your app can be found on your MagLoft portal > Mobile App > Live Preview:

However, the best way to really test your app would be to go through the Mobile App section of your MagLoft portal and make sure everything is filled correctly and all sections are green.

After you've completed these, we can go ahead and create an iOS build for you, which you can test via TestFlight.

Using TestFlight will allow you to see your entire app with all your own branding and colors on any iOS device. We can also setup something similar in Google Play where you get to test and see your entire app. 

What's the difference between using MagLoft's preview app and TestFlight build?
A TestFlight build means that it's already a separate app on its own, instead of testing your content using our MagLoft app. In TestFlight, you will be able to see your own app icon, as well as testing out your subscriptions, or even try to purchase a single paid issue that you offer.

Unlike our preview app, this does require that you upgrade to our paid plan. If you haven't upgraded your account yet, check out our Pricing plan here! We offer 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with our services and product 

Still have questions? Don't be shy and reach out to us via live chat (available on the bottom left part of your page) or shoot us an email at :)

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