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How to Set Up The Articles for Subscribers Only
How to Set Up The Articles for Subscribers Only

Is there a way to limit who could access and read the articles?

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Can we select certain articles to be locked so they could only be viewed by people with subscriptions? The answer is YES.

Now you are able to lock your articles so they can only be read by your subscribers or another case is asking the readers to sign up first before they can access the articles.

Without further ado, please check out this video below to set up your articles' unlock type.

This video above will show you how to update the article's unlock type one by one but you can also do it in bulk. Please watch this video to guide you.

If the unlock type is free, it means the article is available for all your readers. Neither sign up nor purchase is needed to read the article.

If the unlock type is optin, the article can be read by signing up or logging in. The article is visible though in the App Shelf but the reader will be asked to log in or sign up when they try to read it.

If the unlock type is subscribe, it can only be read if the readers have an active magazine subscription. If the readers purchase the subscription, this article will be unlocked regardless of the published date. However, when the subscription ends, they will lose access to the articles as well.

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