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How to Send A Silent Notification
How to Send A Silent Notification

How to send a badge notification; How do I set a badge notification?

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At MagLoft, a silent notification allows you to set a badge notification of your mobile apps. It comes in handy when you want to attract your readers to open the app whenever you have a new issue published or a new app banner uploaded. Without further ado, let's jump to it right away.

  • It assumes that you have already logged into your MagLoft Classic Portal.

  • Go to CRM > Advanced Analytics.

  • It opens a new tab for the Advanced Analytics page.

  • At your left-hand sections, click Messaging > Overview.

  • At the top right, you'll see the Create Message green button; click it.

  • Select One-time message.

  • In the first step popup, by default, they will send to all platforms, iOS and Android; click Next Step.

  • In the second step popup, you can either choose to send it now or schedule it for later; click Next Step.

  • In the third step popup, select Data-only as the message type.

  • Tick on the Add Badge box, and type the number of badges you'd like to set.

  • In the Send JSON box, it requires us to fill in with {} (two curly brackets); click Next Step.

  • In the last step, tick on the confirmation box, then please click Send.

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