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Editing your content after your apps get published
Editing your content after your apps get published

Can I edit my content even after my apps get published? How will it affect my readers?

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We've all been there, so we understand how important it is to be able to edit your content, even after it has been published and live on the App Stores!

If you've created an issue using our TypeLoft editor, you can simply edit and save the pages you need to change:

Don't forget to pack your issues again so your saved changes will take effect on your app!

If your issue has already been published, then the yellow Pack button might not be there. Instead, there's a Publish Update button:

If your issue was uploaded as a PDF, then you need to re-upload the PDF. You don't need to upload this as a new issue. Simply click open the issue that you would like to be replaced, and click 'Upload new PDF':

After uploading the new PDF, don't forget to pack your issue again. Note that for PDF files, any widgets that you used or added on the previous files will be reset (deleted) so you will need to add it again on the new PDF files.

How will this affect my current readers?
After your issues has been re-packed and your app has been refreshed, your readers should be able to see an 'Update' label on the updated issue that they've previously downloaded:

Your readers can simply click on the issue thumbnail and the app will start downloading the new updated version of the issue.

If it is a critical change, you might want to send your readers a push notification along with that so they are aware of the update as soon as possible without waiting for them to refresh your app.

If you don't know yet how to set push notifications, check out our article here for more explanation!

We make it so easy, right?! No more panicking after a typo ;)

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