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Creating Custom Subscription

Find out how can you add custom subscription from MagLoft Portal

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Custom Subscriptions allow you to create subscriptions for your readers. A custom subscription will instantly unlock the issues published within the duration set for a reader with that specified email address.

Consider the following use cases:

  1. You want to give access to digital content for your print magazine subscribers.

  2. You have an existing subscriber list that you need to transfer to MagLoft.

  3. You want to reward some of your readers with a free subscription.

  4. You handle purchases on your own and need to activate your subscribers manually.


1. Add your subscriber's email address to the list and click "Create". Add the start date and end date as this controls what will be unlocked. 

2. Your Subscriber will receive a message on that specified email address. Ask him to click on confirm my account

3. Now ask your subscriber to Log-in from the app. The log-in button is available on the bottom bar.

Click on anywhere in the app and once your subscriber has logged in, any content granted with the access will be unlocked.

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