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Is MagLoft A Newsstand App?

What is a newsstand app? Is MagLoft a newsstand app?

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We received repeated questions from those who were wondering whether MagLoft is a newsstand app or not. As much as we want to say YES for this question, unfortunately we don't currently offer a newsstand type app.

At first, let we introduce you to newsstand app we are talking about. Newsstand app is a news/magazines aggregator from where you could publish multiple magazine/newspaper titles. You can put all your magazines there, where it contains all magazine titles whose issues can be purchased or subscribed by the readers. The picture below is an example for newsstand app, named Zinio. It is available both on IOS and Android.

To make you more understand about a newsstand app, I will give you one more example. This newsstand app below is Magzter. It is one of the biggest newsstand apps that is available these days. It also can be downloaded both on IOS and Android.

One of the advantages using newsstand app for the readers is the easier for them to have multiple magazines in one app. So they don't have to bother to have multiple apps on their smartphone or tablet as well. But for publishers, it also have disadvantages. One of them is the publisher can't have its own app which also becomes its own brand. More about the disadvantages, you can visit our blog

Once again, the ball is on your court. You might feel that your magazine is more suitable within the newsstand app, then you can go with the newsstand app. Other than Zinio, you can go with Google Play Newsstand.

Or you might want to have your own native apps for your readers. In this case, we are your solution. MagLoft can help you build your own app so you will have your own branded apps and get access directly to your readers. If you still can't decide yet, I may suggest you to create an account first and please playing around with our tools and see for yourself if MagLoft is a solution for your publishing. 

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