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What Changes in MagLoft Requires a New App Build?
What Changes in MagLoft Requires a New App Build?

What you need to know about changing things in the portal that requires submitting a new app version to Apple and Google

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Hi MagLoft Team, I have updated the screenshots in MagLoft Portal, why aren't they reflected in the Stores?

I tried to change my App's Description in iTunes Connect, but it looks like I can't do so. Do you know why?

We have a new App Icon coming up, can you help us to get them displayed in the app and in the Stores too?

Our team often receives these questions and correct, we surely can help you. If you have made any changes to your Publication in the MagLoft Portal, you are advised to let us know and we can then build a new binary or update your app if necessary. Please find the following on things that will require a new app update if you change them in the MagLoft Portal.

  • Screenshots -- you may be intrigued to keep the screenshots in the App Store and Google Play Store up to date as you have new issues coming up. Please do let us know in advance if you want to do so as this means that we need to update your app with a new binary. Apple has updated a new term that requires every Developer to submit a new binary if they want to change something in the Store Listing and yes, screenshot is included. Please note that you have to submit 2 types of file which have 2 kinds of dimensions. More article about screenshot here. Happy to let you know that this only applies to iOS. We don't need a new build to get our screenshots updated for Android.

  • App Icon - changing app icon will require a new build for both iOS and Android. Make sure that your app icon is in 1024 x 1024 dimension with no transparent colour.

  • App Title Update - you may come across a little diversion and want to update your publication or app title. It's fine. As soon as you let us know, we'll schedule the update for you.

  • Launch Screen Image - changing your launch screen image will require a new build across all platforms as it's not automatically sync. Make sure that your launch screen image is in 3072 x 4098 dimension. See here for further instructions how to change the launch screen image.

  • Language - you know that our app speaks 13 languages right? Each app is by default set to English but if you have requested to be on your local language, please let us know in advance as this will need a special localization file. You can always revert it back to English but then of course, we will need to upload a new binary.

  • Keywords - we always recommend you to use all 99 characters for keywords in the Store Listing as it'll help your app to be found easier. Adding or removing one of the keywords will require a new build. Keywords is only applicable in iOS.

  • iTunes Connect Description - Apple does not allow us to edit the description once the app goes live. If you need to change something in the iTunes Connect Description (this will go on your iTunes Store Listing), a new build should be uploaded first and then you'll be able to change it. 

  • Privacy Policy Link/Text - Apple has recently added another requirement for an app to have its own Privacy Policy. The link to your Privacy Policy or even the text itself can only be changed when we submit a new version of the app.

We hope that this clears up the confusion but if you still have some doubts, feel free to drop us a message at

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