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Easily Export The TypeLoft 2 Issue as PDF
Easily Export The TypeLoft 2 Issue as PDF

Is it possible to download my TypeLoft 2 content as PDF? How to export your TypeLoft issue as PDF?

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We’ve named our responsive content editor TypeLoft. We have been going above and beyond to polish our TypeLoft as best as possible for our customers. Now, with this new version of our state of the art editor, TypeLoft 2, you are able to export your content as PDF. It's awesome! 

Let's follow the steps below to grab your TypeLoft 2 issue content in the PDF format. 

1. It's assumed that you already logged into the MagLoft portal. 

2. At your left hand side menu, click Content and select Issue in the dropdown. 

3. Click on one of your TypeLoft 2 issue you want to export as PDF. 

4. In the issue details, click Export to PDF

5. A popup will show up then you can simply click on the Export button. 

6. The exporting process will start immediately. 

7. After it's done, you can simply click the text "ready to be downloaded"

8. It will trigger a new tab and you can choose to download the PDF file or print it. 

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