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All You Need to Know about RSS

What is RSS? How to import the articles using RSS? How to create RSS in the MagLoft portal?

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First thing first, let us tell you what RSS is. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS defines an easy way to share and view headlines and content. Without RSS, you will have to synchronise your articles daily for new updates. This may be too time-consuming for many. 

Once an RSS feed has been added in the MagLoft portal, it will synchronise all articles from that RSS feed to the Articles list in the MagLoft portal. Auto synchronisation will run everyday to keep the Article list updated. 

Here is an example of a working RSS feed: and below is the RSS specification for each item field.

As these articles will be showing in the mobile apps, you can add categories for each of them. This article will tell you more about how the categories work. 

Now, let's start working to add your RSS in the MagLoft portal. 

  1. Please log into your MagLoft portal.

  2. Click Content and select Articles

  3. After the page opens, look for the Manage RSS Feeds section and simply click on the Create button. 

4. Type the title of the RSS, copy-paste the RSS url, and enable the other toggles you see fit, then click Create

5. Wait for a while for the sync process. All articles will be imported to the portal after the process is done. 

6. Each article will have an edit button and the eye button. 

7. Simply click the edit button to make changes in your article or make it more interactive using our state of the art TypeLoft 2.0 editor. 

8. The eye button will direct you to the article detail which allows you to make changes in the title or the description. You can also set up the published date or delete the article. 

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