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Let Your Readers Share Your Content on Social Media
Let Your Readers Share Your Content on Social Media

How the social sharing feature works

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Did you know that your readers can easily share your content on social media? Even better, with our social sharing feature, your readers could send your issue page to their friends through chat apps or emails. Isn't that great? 

This social sharing feature could help you to do the marketing job as well. You must aware that every year social media users grow in a massive numbers along with internet and mobile phone users. In a result, social media has become global business. 

The experts say that it is more likely for people to visit company and retail websites by clicking on advertorial links on social media and be more interested in things being discussed on social media. Because of this reason, when your content is shared, there will be a default note about your magazine title, issue, and also a link to be directed to your web. 

Let's jump on how to do it. First, go to your app and open your issue. On your issue page, you could double tap it then the social sharing button will appear at the top right corner. 

Click on that button then the share page will appear. Like the screenshot above, you could select which social media or chat app you want to share that issue page. After you choose one of them, it will be directed to that app and then your issue page will be shared instantly. 

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